[Simonseries] Living with Claire: Our Virgin trip to USS! Part 2

And….. Part 2:

here is the part 1 if you haven’t read. :)http://blog.myfatpocket.com/claireaudreylim/2014/12/12/simonseries-living-with-claire-our-virgin-trip-to-uss/ photo _jpegIMG_0439_zpscbc80ff7.jpg

Next area is The Lost World, we hear lots of screams from here, water splashing and people flying around! Yeah flying men and women.

 photo _jpegIMG_0443_zps8cc99496.jpg

Maybe not exactly, its the Canopy Flyer ride that strap 4 people onto an overhead rail and zooming around this area at what I would think a high speed. The legs are left dangling from their seats and they were just screaming away while they zoom passed. Omg I wouldn’t dare to ride it, i can feel something shrinking already. LUCKILY Claire didn’t dare to ride it too! I’m saved by Claire not being a very adventurous girl hahaha. I think i would scream like a girl. Its then that we decided to take a break and eat our bread. There are no lack of snack carts available in almost every area so I went and bought us an overpriced churros too. And it was heaven, the churros. Oily, sugary goodness of deep fried dough. So sinful.

 photo _jpegIMG_0445_zpsddde31ea.jpg

While eating we saw this boat ride and I decided to go for it I keep noticing the warning on the sign saying we will potentially be soaked. And the estimated waiting time was 10mins. How can this be?? So we went on a rush to figure out how to operate the locker rental machine (with help from the staff stationed there) and stuff all our stuff inside sans our rain jacket/poncho. By the time we went back to queue the waiting time shot up to 45mins. Where did these people come from…

Some unexpectedly unpleasant thing that happened here was there are a lot of tourists from that really big country up north keep trying to overtake us while we were moving along the queue. Seems like they don’t understand the concept of queuing or they were just plain rude. I of course walk slowly in a manner that would hog the path, its meant for a single file anyways.

The ride looks really exciting, its a big rubber boat that sits 9 in a circle staring at each other. The ride moves the boats up and down the water with giant conveyor belt with enough distance for people to board and alight in the middle at first it wasn’t very exciting, its supposed to be a rescue boat and we were escaping the lost world. So along the way there are some wreckage and dinosaurs spitting on us (spraying water on us). It was until we entered the ‘hydroelectricity plant’… It was really dark inside with some occasional scary fake dinosaurs appearing to scare us. Then it went up in a ‘lift’ thingy only for a sudden loud noise and a T-Rex appeared above us!! (I’m spoiling all the surprises here). It was then the boat started moving again and because I’ve seen the boat falling out from the building before (refer to pic above), I ask Claire to brace herself for the fall. It was still very dark inside but I keep saying anytime now anytime now. And still the fall caught me off guard. A big splash ensues and LUCKILY we were not at the falling end of the boat, the kids sitting there got all the water damage from the splash LOL!

 photo _jpegIMG_0454_zpsd05ee77e.jpg

 photo _jpegIMG_0461_zpsc8d9ed48.jpg

Moving forward, we finally reach the Far Far Away Land and it has been drizzling quite consistently for awhile now. This theme park doesn’t have much shelter (its a theme park…) and its getting a little late. So as soon as we come across any ride we just go for it. You can imagine me dragging Claire running to the rides. The Shrek 4D show was great too but better have some tissue paper handy because they spray water on your face! And the Enchanted Airways was no joke! Its supposedly designed for kiddos so the safety rails only clamp onto your legs in those tiny seats, we had these sensations of flying off our seats. But physics says that the centrifugal forces will pin us to our seats. Anyway I didn’t do very well in my physics back in school.

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After that Enchanted airways ride me and Claire decided we are too enchanted for anymore excitement, we went right pass the Madagascar area and completed our full circle around USS. In the end if we wanna ride everything in USS we need to come on a weekday and at 10am when it just opened its doors. We will need the whole day not because of there are too many rides but because we need to queue. Poor people like us can’t afford the extra cost of those priority queue passes..

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That’s all then. Bye Guys, USS was fun, but no money go again. LOL.