Hi this is Simon.

Hello Claire’s readers.

This is Simon, and here I am writing on Claire’s blog. I just thought maybe I should put in a few words about myself.

I am an average guy who leads an average life. I have an average paying, stable job as long as I don’t do any funny stuff at work. I am very introverted and I can never feel at ease at any social events without people ‘in my comfort zone’. Takes awhile to demolish the wall I build around myself. I build sturdy walls.

I like to take photos, mainly taking photos of Claire.. I developed this expensive hobby after I bought a cheapo blue fujifilm compact camera, which I really have no recollection where it went now (probably turned to ashes already), 5 or 6 years back for the purpose of taking photos of ourselves. In my own words: I wanna preserve our memories together.

I now have a DSLR camera and a collection of accessories, a little too much gear for an amateur. Some of my acquaintances might think I’m a pro, but I’m no where near that level. I think I just like new gadgets. It’ll probably get worse when we get our own space in future, bto should be coming soon, might even ‘build’ a studio in the flat? I often ask for permission to buy new gear and I always quote myself: ‘I wanna better preserve our memories with better gear!’ Yeah.

I’m actually really lazy, too lazy to maintain a blog. But its ok, couples are supposed to help each other anyways… So while she’s busy with school, I’ll try my best to keep this space interesting.

Interesting like terrapin

So cheers, support Claire!

From Claire’s #1 fanboy,
Simon Tey

[Hello if you are new to my/our space, Sseries stands for Simonseries where my husband-to-be (or already is if you see this in 2015) blog about himself and …. me??]