Ceutical Plus Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series Review


I really need collagen, I have a skin age of 28!!! My skin looks ok but it’s actually 28yrs old I feel so sad. 🙁 k let’s go back to today’s topic.

I was given this range of products to use for my skin recently:

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My new camera 😀

The Ceutical Plus Aqua-Collagen Hydration Series

Ceutical Plus is a skincare brand from Taiwan (excited!), and it combines 3 moisturizing active ingredients to give us a more youth and firmer looking skin:

– Marigen Peptide
– Xpertmoist Peptide
– Tornare

Tornare assists in providing stable moisturizing effect, xpertmoist to lift up our skin instantly! and Marigen to boost the collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis so as to active our skin’s moisturizing function! So all in all, you get the gist of this. HYDRATION AND MOISTURIZE. BOING BOING BOING!

I haven been reviewing skin care products for awhile and I was really excited for this because I can’t wait to feel/touch the creams/lotions!

I was given 3 products to try out.

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 photo IMG_3206_zpsfd7e410e.jpg

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1) Aqua-Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum
This serum boosts skin cells activities, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis which promote skin elasticity. For some reason I’m still using my Lancome serum, it’s my personal preference and I can’t change out of this habit!

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 photo IMG_3215_zps0b627c3a.jpg

2) Aqua-Collagen Moisture Cream
This cream is kinda thick and creamy. Good for moisturizing, soothing and repairing. I feel that it’s a little too heavy for my liking but surprisingly it has a rather good absorption and makes me feel that my skin became softer.

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 photo IMG_3212_zps0f569ade.jpg

3) Aqua-Collagen Hydration Gel Mask
Replenish our skin with a large amount of moisture! You can use it as a temporary mask or a sleeping mask!
If you want to use it as a temp mask then leave it on for about 10-15mins and rinsed away with lukewarm water (: I love this product alot because it has a really nice smell!

My thoughts:
I’m still hooked to my Lancome Advanced genifique, and I personally still prefer light weight moisturizer so what I would recommend is the gel mask! Because it smells really nice, good absorption, works well and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Welcome to my face gel mask! You’re part of the family now! 😀

You might want to try out the above following products, otherwise I guess you can go down to Sasa outlets to feel the texture!

Anyway the retail price are as follow:
1) Aqua-Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum: $39.90
2) Aqua-Collagen Moisture Cream: $32.90
3) Aqua-Collagen Hydration Gel Mask: $25.90 worth it!

Review is based on my skin.

With love,

BTW I haven’t been blogging about weightloss, let me know if you want to know more about this. Leave down comments or email me about all the questions you want and I’ll compile it and answer them! I’m sorry I take very long to reply because I’m juggling too much things. Sorry but I love you all k! LOVE!!!