Wedding Planning EP2: What’s confirmed now?

Wah I think not easy leh to maintain this topic, every post I write about I need to refer to the previous one to make sure that I don’t repeat things that I said before.

The last I talked about was these few items that are still pending:

1) Wedding bands
2) Wedding dress, veil, heels, suit, bouquet
3) Glass pavilion setup, restaurant setup (venue decoration)
4) Wedding invitation cards
5) Photobooth items, backdrop
6) Pre-wedding casual shoot
7) Wedding videography and photography

1) Firstly, we already got our wedding bands!
We even got a ‘walnut’ to put this rings in, I’m sure it would look cute. wahhaa. I really LOVE MY WEDDING BANDS BECAUSE THEY ARE super cute and UNIQUE! I’m not kidding, I really want to share with you guys!!! But I cannot because then there will be no surprise and nothing for you guys to look forward to~~~~~~.

2) Wedding dress
I know I am suppose to show you a photo of the dress, but because I wasn’t satisfied with the design + it’s a little loose, it’s under alternation now. I guess should be ready by mid June.

3) Venue Decor + Photobooth
As much as I want to DIY our venue decor, it proves to be a real hassle. We don’t have a car, and some of the stuffs are going to be too bulky to bring over, and somemore it’s at Sentosa! So we met up with partyperfectsg! Told the 2 friendly ladies what we want and we are waiting for a quote now!

4) Pre-wed and actual day photography
Already confirmed with Andritei! He’s a very friendly guy!

5) Videography
I’m still thinking if we should engage a professional videographer or just get a friend to do it.

I will work on the other items after my casual photoshoot in June! So till the next update on this topic. 🙂

With Love,

People change and I really appreciate those who offered to help me out! :’) 

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