Nyonya Dumplings

What’s so special about Nyonya Dumplings (Nyonya Zhang)?
Very! Because it’s handmade by my Ahma.


A closer view
And I had it for breakfast this morning!

I always try to refrain from sinful food, but this time round I won’t. Because I taste the hardwork and effort in it. Despite her aching and tiredness, she stayed up late to make them. I can imagine the scene whereby she is sweating profusely. And of cos, as always, the dumpling taste awesome and heavenly. (ahma always cook the best food)

ps: never take your family for granted, never.

2 thoughts on “Nyonya Dumplings

  1. my grandma made nyonya dumplings last time too. & i could always eat alot. 😉
    really miss the homemade ones. After she stopped making, i didn’t even try outside sell one.

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