What do you love and don’t love about MFP?

Heyhey it’s sharing session today!

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MFP would like to know what you love and don’t love about us, so that MFP can improve and do better for you and for everyone!

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Maybe you can also feedback what you want from ME too? hahhaa. So anyway for me right, if I really have to think of something about MFP, then it would be the pop up whenever I go to one of our blogs! I would have to close it and view the posts which is quite mafan. Then another thing would be the comment box at Aesthetics Hub! I always have problems commenting! Do you have probs too?

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Anyway if you have any comments like mine or feedback that you need to raise up, then just email Bianca Zen @ bianca.zen@myfatpocket.com to let her know!

They will try their best to improve MFP site. hehe.

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