mylife – The buddy ROM part 1

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Goh =D pls plan for a soccer team soon.

I love attending weddings/ROMS!

Woke up at 4ish am on this day, (i take a long time to prepare)

in this photo, my teeth still protruding, now it’s already slightly push in, love to see the difference!
the new skirt i bought from FIRSTDAY @ Dhoby Ghaut.

As the ROM is held at his new house @ Punggol which is so near to Hougang, it was a casual wear day!

2 of us still very sleepy..

There are more photos actually, but I’m so busy recently with exams and project that I could only blog with what I have. That’s why it’s ‘part 1’. =) i hope i can blog the photos from the photoshoot also, cos its so funny!

There was buffet and CUPCAKES! FOOD FOOD FOOD, that’s why i love attending this type of occasions! LOL NO LAH JUST KIDDING!

I didn’t know he would order TWELVE CUPCAKES!

go check out their website, I only tried the Chocolate Chocolate and I already want more, can i say that the law of diminishing marginal returns won’t exist in TWELVE CUPCAKES? (hahaha sorry i went to economics side)

and pls this is definitely not an advert!

after my first try of their cupcakes, I’ve been whining to Mr Tey that i want to eat cupcakes! HAHA. Somemore my birthday is coming, so I’m even more excited! Actually I don’t mind if i can’t get to eat cupcakes, maybe i will get better one? Like home make bday cake? LOL okay until sunday then i will know.

i heard that the red velvet is good, isit??

Next is the buffet, i think Simply Buffet is the son of Purple Sage? I don’t know man but if it is, then good. The buffet is so good too! LOL. Not like those typical birthday or chalet buffet, this one is ‘UP’!


I live to eat healthy, but i cant control myself if the food is too good. i really helped myself to the food. Feel damn paiseh pls, early in the morning eat like a pig.
After our feast, we have to rush out for photoshoot. LOL that explains why I only took one cupcake. HAHA. omg.
We went to punggol end.


See the photo very nice hor?

There is this shot whereby all of us have to stand there, and the red ants start attacking me and the twigs and all start to poke my legs, damned! I WAS THINKING I DUN LIKE WEDDING SHOOTS. lol! next time my wedding i dun wan take liao!

if you dunno, i really AM TERRIFIED OF ANTS. seriously, i know lah it’s small but yes im scared of ants, some phobia or dream that caused it, im not really sure. So Simon, next time wedding shoot, go to places without ants. LOL but i know the places you like always got ants, nevermind i will tell you how. HAHAHA!

I camwhored in their toilet, i’m hopeless. I think this is before going out, cos i still look fresh.


back to punggol end again. Yihui and me hehehe, i think her wedding should be next since her flat’s coming?

her teeth so straight already she still wanna put braces !

the sun is really bad, i think we all sweat like cows and horses during the photoshoot. LOL but it’s fun lah. can’t wait to see the photos, and for the meantime, let me think what should i write for the next ‘how to lose weight’ article.


i think my chinese are getting worse, i need to brush up if not how to be *******?