Clarke Quay

Last Saturday le bf accompanied me to Clarke Quay! We were there for ‘something’.

As we were quite early, I suggest to go Market Place at Central, but to my disappointment it’s closed down or maybe some other things that’s going on that im not sure of.

I love looking at tidbits, that’s like one of my weird hobbies. I will see but not buy. haha! I reckon if I wanna be a weight loss blogger I will need to exercise some self control, so yeah, im taking many many steps to achieve that.

No one will miss the mini supermarket/snack shop/tidbits store cos it’s so bright and attractive. on top of that, it’s mostly japanese and korean (i think got korean right?) snacks!

While I was looking at chocolates.. (If you’d wanna know, I don’t eat chocolates anymore as well unless during menses period!)

le bf bought this for me 😀

Yes i know i just mentioned i dont snack, but if it’s bought by le bf, I cannot disappoint him and waste his $ right? hehe. it tasted like strawberry flavoured cereal, too sweet but still yums.

He actually hide it from me and rush to the counter to pay for it. HAHHAA SO CUTE PLS.

After doing what I’m supposed to do, we went to search for dinner. No food picture today because it’s just simple korean food.

Then le bf got busy with his whatsapping, because he’s negotiating a better deal for his camera lens. ROAR AND I WAS SO BORED. haha!

caution: light makeup, messy, nua.


pardon me for the idiotic look, i think i will give more idiotic looks with my teeth shown until i wear my braces. HAHA.
one thing i dont like about instagram, why my eyebrow like non-existent?

walk to RAFFLES PLACE after this and followed by home, that’s how i end the day, pretty short, but fun and enjoying. 🙂 with slight worries and disappointment.

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