Outfit + review: Sasatinnie 360˚Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

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Im so excited to share about this new mascara I’m using now!! And many thanks to SASA for giving me this chance to get to know about it!

If you guys havent heard about it, then you should read on.
If you guys heard about it, and havent try it yet, you should read on too.
If you guys heard about it and tried it already, you should read on and share with me your experience too! YAY!

Sasatinnie 360˚Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara – battery operated.


Main features:
1) Waterproof & Long Wearing
2) Lengthening & Volumizing
3) Lightweight finish

There is actually a button on the cap to activate the ‘rotation’, I don’t know why when I first press it, it didnt move at all. I thought I need to bring it down to one of the sasa outlets and make a fuss. HAHA. kidding. But after a few times, it got activated! AND I WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY AMAZED WITH THE RESULTS.

Thoughts before I used it.
‘aiya, same gimmick like other mascaras lah. All bluff people one.’

Thoughts after I used it.
‘Why did I even buy that particular brand of mascara in the first place, waste my money!!’

OKAY. To show that this mascara is good, I actually applied different mascaras to both my eyes, sasatinnie on my right eye, and on my left eye, it’s one of the popular mascara people are using and also has lengthening effect. Dont ask me the brand okay, *zip*

Before I go on, today my face abit CUI. cos just wake up + no make up base + no enlarged contact lens + okay alot and alot.

All I got on my face is just MASCARA. And one thing I like about no make up is I LOOK VERY YOUNG!

cannot see the difference when I closed my eyes. boo
I looked elsewhere because I look like a retard without contact lens when facing the camera. JUST NOT USED TO IT. 🙂

Look young hor? lol! suddenly hate eyeliner + eyebrow pencil and enlarge contact lens because I dont want to look matured. 🙁

See the difference anot?? On picture, left is SASA, right is *mysterious brand*

Actually I should upload the photo which I looked at the camera, because that picture really show a BIG DIFFERENCE.

I love you all so I shall do this. FML *can someone clap for me pls?*

MAJOR CHEAT ONE, cos only got eyes! HEHE

Can you see that my left eye is actually bigger or should I say sparkling? LOL!
Lengthening? CHECKED.
Volumizing? CHECKED.
Light weight finish? CHECKED!!

For me I think light weight is very very very important. Although some other mascaras do give you the volumized look, BUTttt it is heavy as well. I do not like heavy lashes, that’s why I still feel weird with fake eyelashes.

I conclude that the mascara that I’m using on my right (looking at the photo) is damn useless. And I will love sasatinnie for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I shall also brief abit about the usage, which is something important to note.
Clockwise is for your TOP EYELASH.
Anti-Clockwise is for your BOTTOM EYELASH.

If you want.. I mean if you really want, you can try vice versa and tell me about it. HAHAHA. if not next time I will play with the opposite direction also, WHICH MIGHT LOOK LIKE A JOKER.


This mascara is only $35.90! I can tell you it’s damn worth it as compared to some atas brand which costs about $50-60 plus. Try it out now! ^^

visit SASASG fb and like them if you havent! 😀 SASAsg

SaSatinnie is exclusive to SaSa!!!!!!! 😀

Before I end my post.

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