My favourite makeup remover!

Share with you my favourite make up remover! πŸ˜€

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Green tea olive oil!

Moisturizes skin, lips and hair.

I super love this as it removes make up instantly, leaving my skin soft and supple.
Green tea smells nice too, my friend even used it to apply on hair before washing off with shampoo! She said it works wonder though I haven try it yet πŸ˜›
But I always apply this on my face and mixed with my facial foam before washing off to prevent my face from having the tight and dry feeling.

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Ginvera Bio Pure Olive Oil


β€’ Use as hair oil to prevent graying
β€’ Prevent and treats dry, dull hair and split ends
β€’ Removes make-up, eye shadow and lipstick
β€’ Prevents eye-bags and cracked lips
β€’ Use on abdomen during/after pregnancy to prevent and reduce stretch marks
β€’ Protects and nourishes baby’s skin
β€’ Prevents nappy rash
β€’ Treats coarse and itchy skin
β€’ Relieves itchiness and prevents skin infection caused by insect bites
β€’ Serves as an ideal massage oil

Wow, seems like natural pure oil still serves more benefits and purposes.
I will only use this when the green tea ran out of stock (which usually it does), reason very simple, cos green tea smell nicer! HAHAHA.

I really love ginvera olive oil, because not only it’s cheap, from $3-5, it removes make up instantly and have many benefits!

Don’t mind you can give it a try! πŸ™‚

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BTW, for those who drink Kinohimitsu collagen drink regularly, watsons is selling it for $29.90 only now, i dunno when the promotional period ends, but yah, go grab before it ends!

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