B2B make up class

I attended the make up class last Wednesday, met Shixin and Catherine! We did day make up and then transformed it to night make up!
This might be a wordy post because I forgot to bring my camera along as I was rushing :/Please make do with my nonsense hehe..

We are supposed to remove our make up yes, including the base, EVERYTHING!
Then we slapped on toner, eye cream, moisturizer, bb cream and etc, the norms.

The first that we applied on is actually lipstick! (I find it weird because for me, lipstick is always the last to apply on)
and of cos there’s a reason behind this that’s for you to find out.

Next would be eyebrows, I’m glad I attended this class if not I will never get to know that my eye brow is actually a flop!
The length and shape of the brow is very important especially the arch! So even neat and tidy brows doesnt help now huh..
The problem with my brow is that my arch is too high and it’s far too behind and this make my eyes look wider. So they helped me ‘move’ the arch, and Aileen even helped to trim them! hehe so nice 😀

Then we put on eyeliner and eye shadow! Aileen told me that my eyes are abit puffy, BUT i got very nice eyes, that can be play around hehehhee ^^ and she keep emphasizing on my contact lens!! Ask me to change color!

We also played with contour and etc, I don’t want to reveal so much already if not I’m getting naggy and it’s good to keep you in suspense. I shall show you a picture after the ‘makeover’.

my fav snack for now!

From the picture my eyes look like I only put on black eyeshadow right? Actually, there were a few colors like lime green, pink and brown. And I’m putting on fake eyelashes! SUper uncomfortable for the whole day!

But still many thanks to Jackie and Aileen, for teaching us and giving us tips! <3

Be it day make up or night make up, which ever you’re interested in, you can sign up HERE!!!!!

You may even get tips on what color contact lens to wear and the way your eyebrow should set. So faster sign up for it now!!

Outfit for the day.


ps: a few say ive lose weight. yay or nay?

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