now i owe u no more! HAHA

reunion at be’s house!

simon, me, uncle, aunty, paul bro, joseph bro, eunice da sao and cute etienne. SEE they are so sweeet right xD

FOOD. and seriously if i eat alot it shows on my face, the above picture is a good example. ><
okay random photo of me at bishan mrt

HOHO JALAN KAYU! roti john, prata, murtabak! it was the cny poker night, but we did not take pictures of poker cards!

egg prata and rotijohn!

teh tarik

Love united

mutton murtabak?

remind me to call MOE up okay? thank u peeps <3
so how was ur angbao earnings? (:

i will be blo
gging lesser this 2weeks, as exam is the whole of next week.
BUT I WILL BLOG ABOUT VAL’S DAY this coming saturday, advanced 😀

i made some toffee bars today, i shall update soon also! LOL and baking cheesecake this friday (:

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