me and jinmei, formal day today

and me with sheron! 😀
soursop ice with sago seeds, lol my style. soursop is my fav fruit for now! 😀
me at chinatown hawker with BE, chinatown is a food heaven too!
and when i reached home, i tried out this sunday’s cake, and this is also some random stuffs that i bake 😛

Hey! Wore casual formal to school today, and was told that I look like im going for prom. haha! And the heels totally killed me! Although it is a basic wedges with peep toes, but cursed*! my foot is still aching now haiz..

Left school at 2pm with Pinky and we took the shuttle bus, hahaha, it’s for REPUBLIC POLY’s open house but shun feng zhe la. tehe!

after that we seperate, and i went down to telok ayer street, meet be after that, and dinner at chinatown. YONG TAU FOO. took some pictures at clarke quay which i will upload soon. 🙂

some random stuffs about me
1. I love cooking and baking, and I would find healthier alternatives.

2. I love to sing and I will most probably post some videos of me singing when I’m bored. pardon me 😛
3. Once this website is being directed, I would post more topics and discussion on health and nutrition, also exercises and diet.

4. more to come, and it’s for you to know 🙂 gdnight people!

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