met up with the BE at Novena yesterday, was a last minute decision, den walk around and head to Mt A. for his second case, wait till 5plus (is that so?) and i nearly dozed off on the couch by the entrance playing my bejweled (fyi my current addict).

we went to orchard after that πŸ™‚ daiso, boxes and cookies were purchased (smirk*)
dinner was at ion basement, the udon was super duper uber fab! mine was beef shabu ramen, im a sucker for beef and BE’s was katsu? ah anyway both was curry udon. the *kou gan* of the udon was really good, why doesnt mine turn to be like that? ahhh and meatballs is love! LOVE!

p.s i love you bebe, i really do. miss u <3

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