although it was not what i aimed, BUT hard work did pay off! *tears of joy* at least i passed 😀 and i reckon its counted as ‘quite gd’ already? i got 3.5!

maths – D,+D,+B = B
enterprise – A A A = A
cognitive – B+B A = A
communication – C+C+A = B+
science – B+D+C+ = B 

*how the hell did manage to get A for 3modules? LOL i seriously got no confidence for comms you know.  practice makes perfect, im so happy i got B for mathematics. god did ans my prayers 😀

gonna read my 3rd or maybe already d 4th novel for the holidays now, and then 3pm to go down to buy cotton pads if there is any. tonight im gonna study 🙂

back @4.55pm
contemplating if i should keep my chatline job.
did not buy cotton pads cos aunty gave hers to me. yay~
new ads(15) to be posted. and another 2projects this friday. welll… weekend gone~
but tbh, its **** $. 🙂 work hard, study hard, save hard for my, our future 🙂

*pray hard that she managed to clinch d 2deals! plsplspls!*

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