a few days ago, be told me that there will be a surprise for me this sunday, which is our 2yrs 7mths. i kept probing about what it is but decided that i better wait and enjoy. HAHA. this afternoon, he hinted me that the ‘thing’ is just 1m or 2m around me, im like wth, maybe im blind HAHA. den just now i sit up and look around and happen to saw this! loccitane! ive been wanting this for so long, and i know this mth is tight for him becos of our trip and i didnt expect him to buy! but still he bought it behind my back! i really appreciate this effort! thanks be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cherry blossom~ YEAH! love u! <3

its 2yrs 7mths alrdy in another 2hr plus, u never once give up to give me surprise, to make me happy, to think about me all the time, i want to believe you are the one already 🙂

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