its 11:38pm now

some thoughts this few days before mugging.. what’s with the 11:11 nowadays, i dont know, but if it can make my wish come true, i dont mind waiting for it. i wonder if my friends, or ex classmates feel the same way, but im feeling hell stressful right now, im really worried that my math will fail, my ut1 and ut2 results aint good, and if i flung my ut3, then i will be finished. 🙁 im already 20, i dont want to remodule and waste another 6mths away again. it’s only when i started school then i see the importance of working, i need money, i need to pay my hospital bills, handphone bills, ezlink card, even breakfast and lunch during holidays!, sometimes, i regret why did i go for the surgery in the first place, why do i have to bring sucha huge debts to myself? i realise i can share my relationship issues with my peers but i cant share my own problems.. hais. god i need ur help, please help me like how you assist me during olevels for math okayy? i pray to you everyday before i go for exams, cos i really care, i know you can see how hard im working now, i just want that diploma certificate. ive had enough all the advice and comments from people, bless me pls.

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