im at joyjoy’s place now using her computer while she’s mugging hard for her accounting.
it’s raining now, had a nap just now as well. guess its gonna stopped already. NO SUN PLS!

had pillow talk last night until 3+, nice, since long we had such stuffs, if keki was here with us, i think we wont even sleep. haha.

looking forward to 22nd september, before that 14th september for ‘interview’.
really want to know if i got the $50.

ah! talked about money. remind me of the fucking evening primrose oil i purchased at guardian!
i thought it was $30 for 180softgels, but what a big mistake! it was $81! please, i want back my money, let me refund!!!!!!!! 🙁

joy, is ur weighing machine accurate?
didnt have any treats this week yet? HAHA. weekends coming im scared…..

FOOD DIARY for today
mai bian prepared by joyjoy for breakfast
beehoon cooked by her mum for breakfast, its yummy! thank u 😀
dinner? will be meeting be tonight, gonna be heavy dinner again, isnt it?

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