ms singapore universe 2010

OHMYGOD I LOVE MS MEXICO! hoho! miss universe u see i knew it! HAHA.
their bod is uber uP!


bf: bread with cheese
lunch: bread with chicken, apple
dinner: yong tau foo


nutrisoy, bread, egg

LUNCH – managed to find some food
rice, duckmeat, picked lettuce -.-


after workout – 1apple
dinner – vegetables

feeling bored and started playing with make up. LOL!
pre menses breakout -.-

Lim Weiting sitting on my sofa listening to Mozart ‘s Greatest Violin Piece now, how i wish i had a cuppa latte and a slice of newyork cheesecake.

come on ive always like classical music.

belly dancing rocks and see u in jan, KKBXING!
i am getting impatient!

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