after the mask – ^^
be, your eyes quite small huh. LOL. (as compared to mine)
haha!love the smell of this mask. neutrogena fine fairness!
my lovely cute bebe looking at shooting range in patong now with his mask. thanks for masking with me ;D and sorry for the attitude earlier. i will work hard to change my attitude okays? i know how much you have done for me, im grateful for it and really appreciate it. really looking forward to the phuket trip with you! dearest be, i will always love you! i dont know what will happen in future, but i know we have to cherish whatever we have now. we must jiayou in cutting down our quarrels. xoxo, weiting.

yesterday – 15th august
mahjong, dinner afterwards at bendemeer, OMG. food food and food. until now i indigestion! what food? POPIAH, XIAO LONG BAO, GUO TIE, SATAY, CHA KWEY TIAO, OR LUA, KUEY CHAP. SINNER!

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