i work hard when i feel like a plain jane
i slack when i feel bimbotic

ahhh im glad there’s holidays, to mug hard and look chui. :X at home obviously

i hate to let down my short hair now, i prefer tying it up. i think it looked neater too.

should i dye my hair?

when should i go for threading and at the same time reshaped my brow, zomg, im so excited, i hate my eyebrow cos it always look as if im frowning.

i think this is nice although its taken with my phone. i didnt know my phone was 5mp. im bewildered ;O

school was skipped today, due to UTI. not ut1 is uti. ok im lame -.-

dinner with the girls this friday at orchard. AYAM PENYET. im not going to eat gadogado. BECAUSE THE CALORIES OF THAT DISH IS EQUIVALENT TO MY 2MEALS LA. damn.

last weekend i sinned. freak. -.-

is the new staffs going to be pretty? HMMMMM. ><

i gonna work hard today.

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