Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.– Anonymous
i was devastated when you left,
i acted as if i don’t give a FUCKING DAMN,
you left me suffering in agony,
you bullied, shit and stepped on me,
you never listen to what i want to say,
you assumed, conclude from other people’s shit.
you called me a backstabber, a betrayer,
you made me hate my school life for 2yrs.
you ganged up with people to laugh at me.
you ganged up with others to throw things at me.
you stared at me, you hate me, but you never know what’s the real reason DO YOU?
when you did all those things, did you even….
think of how i feel?
thought of how close we were once?
reminisce all the past memories we once shared?
the cryings together?
the night chat and all?
the paths that we covered before in 3head and 2head,
the fun and hiding that we have?
the support and help we gave each other
the ‘sisters’ thing we had always shared?

i believed things will be resolved years ago if you were true to our friendship, you would ask me what had happened and we would have solve it together, BUT you never once listen to my explanation. i’ve been keeping these things to myself. i wanted to forget everything that we had once gone through, but you appeared again. I wanted you to know so badly that i DID NOT do anything that betray you. I NEVER DID! 

you were that special someone i thought we would secure this friendship forever, but it turned out another way. sometimes i hated the fact that i do miss you, i hated the fact that the memories do exist. It is heartbreaking and disappointing, it totally spoil my day. GOD DAMN IT.

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