last weekend, i had my own espresso cake baked. satisfied. except that the icing is too sweeeet. :
suppose to prepare it with be’s pasta but **** things happened. lol~

met up with ZING yesterday, dinner @ ichiban sushi.
well, we ended up with bloated stomach and nauseous feelings. HAHAHA.
we ordered 13 plates of sushi, 4custards and 2cheesecakes, one pepper beef.
sum up to $40+, worth it i would say.
im happy that i ate sushi after so long, we gossip and chit chat a little.
went to coffeebean afterwards, photobooth and photoshop!
super funny. OVERALL, i enjoyed my day! (;
heading to JB this sat! ciaoz..

zany stuffs wont be avoided if its with zing. LOL~

bringing mother and ahma out for dinner @ mayim, food wasnt good. photo taking wasnt allowed in northpt? why on earth is that so? i am not going to upload any. erm maybe a few in our camera.
i think they still prefer tze cha. πŸ˜€ kekeke.. kim san leng ok kim san leng. hahaha!

anyway what i mean is – why do skinny girls with slim legs, flat tummy, slim and toned arms got BIG BREASTS. thats so unfair!

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