who nurture me over 19years.
i was once a little girl and now im taller than u as a adult.
remember how u used to take care of me, but now the only thing that i repay back is rudeness.
im sorry my baobei ahma. πŸ™
i once promised myself i would treat u better, that was when i was 13-14. now its 5yrs down the road and everything is still the same..
you love to nag, shout, and yr stubborn character really pissed me off. but deep inside, i know u truly care about me. like how ur face changed when u heard im going for the surgery etc.
and the other time. when u thought i fell down.. i love u.. i will try, no, do my best to change my current attitude towards u.. time to bring u out for dinner as well(:

im already 21, ah?? sorry is 19! and you are alrdy 60+.
u once told me u will pass away at the age of 70. i told u then that i will follow you.. :O
if i dont cherish u now, i will live with regrets in future. πŸ™

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