[S-series] Fujifilm X100T = Stealth.


This is another post about photography gears.

I recently sold some of my camera gears to get myself a smaller camera I can carry with me everywhere, without sacrificing too much picture quality of course. I’ve developed quite a taste for big sensors ever since I’ve gotten my first full frame digital camera. Whoever told you APS-C vs Full frame (FF) have minimal difference is lying. Just like when my friends say I’m rich, they are all liars (LOL). I save for my gear and I sell old gear for new gears. Lots of gears.

So I welcome my newest family member in my photographic gear household: Fujifilm X100T.


I always wanted one of the Fujifilm X series cameras. Okay, maybe I had one, I used to have the X-Pro 1, but at the time I wanted a compact system and X-Pro 1 wasn’t compact enough in my POV. Then I lusted for the X100, then X100S, then X100T.. I know, there’s a new and improved version in the form of X100F now but I can’t afford it. Period. Now I’ve got this little gem in my hands, I’m still trying to get used to it after using my Sony for too long. The good thing is that the X100T offers lots of options in terms of customization. There are a few buttons which you can set to do certain things, and the general ergonomics is good despite being so small, so short of physical infrastructure. The small foot print also means I can bring it everywhere effortlessly, so I’ve technically upgraded my everyday camera from my mobile phone minuscule 1/3in sensor to an APS-C sensor. A major jump in general image quality.

To be honest, I haven’t used this camera enough to do a review, it will only become a rewriting of official specifications with devoid of personal opinions after use. I can only highlight a few points that I immediately noticed after I got it.


Firstly, I really must say the film simulation is generating awesome looking Jpegs direct from camera. But the RAW is so flat it demoralized me. I guess I’m too pampered with my Sony A7II and whatever auto setting I activated on my Lightroom, everytime I import photos onto my computer, the Lightroom automatically apply a filter to all my photos and they look awesome in all the FF glory, or was it the camera that applied the filter before importing? I remembered something called ‘Picture Style’ and I chose ‘Vivid’ on camera. Anyways when I import it I can always see this flat original image change to a more vivid looking one, something for me to begin with.

But my main purpose of this small camera is mainly because of convenience, lens on my Sony can be quite large and most times I rather carry a lighter backpack everywhere when I’m not shooting, I insist on having a camera on me, phone is a poor excuse to me, so X100T it is. Its so light and compact in comparison to my main camera, and the tiny 23mm f2 lens (about 35mm in FF) delivers sharp images with a moderate amount of bokeh. I say this because I’m comparing with my main camera, FF gives more bokeh with the same lens if you know what I mean.


So now you can see through my ramblings that this X100T will never replace my main camera. But well it does add lots of convenience to my lifestyle needs. For one, its shuttle is absolutely quiet, its almost silent! Especially when it decides to use the electronic shuttle instead of the mechanical one. Its like a mean stealthy machine, if I can get the focus correct that is. Its generally speedy in good light, hunts in dim light like almost all the other cameras in the market. So to be even more stealthy, I usually set my own shuttle speed; easily adjustable from a knob on the camera, and I’ll pre-set my focus to a range like 1m to 2~3m away from me aka zone focusing. That way, I don’t have to fiddle with all the setting, when I see the condition is right, I pick up the camera, snap, go. All in less than 4s, during NS I learnt that an average human will take about 4s to react to something, so if I do everything in less than 4s and escape, whoever my subject is will not have time to react. Cool right? but I’m still too shy to do it to real people, so i do that to plants. Also living things what same what…

Well to sum things up, X100T is a speedy, stealthy machine for those random moments you wanna capture, and mobile phones ain’t gonna cut it. I’m a sucker for image quality and the 16MP APS-C sensor on the X100T is almost the limit here. I’ll continue to find new ways to utilize this awesome new tool of mine, and I’ll share more photos soon.

*Disclaimer: I used my own money to buy a X100T, even though I sounded almost like I work for them, unfortunately I don’t…Whatever I said is my own opinion. I do hope that they would gimme something new to test though, like say the GFX 50S? No harm in dreaming right?

Cheers people,

Simon Tey