[Travel] July Bali 4D3N trip in summary and outfits! + travel VIDEO!

Okay I decided that I’m going to do a summary + outfits post for Bali as well. There’s also a short video I did when I was there, abit shaky but you can watch that. 🙂 Scroll down to the end of the post for the video!

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Video – watch it!

So let’s forget about Day 1, I was just wearing a denim dress from Uniqlo.

 photo IMG_2851_zpscyiqpbok.jpg

Day 2: We went to Pantai Pandawa, Padang Padang Beach, Blue Point beach and Uluwatu Temple. 

 photo IMG_3130_zpsppbafnum.jpg

So beautiful!!

 photo IMG_2002 1_zpsblnievfq.jpg

All dressed up with my floral maxi. Selling this piece by the way. Email me if you’re interested.

 photo IMG_1992_zpshdqwmqzt.jpg

Next, Padang Padang Beach, where Eat Pray Love took place.

 photo IMG_2782_zpsglwxkojj.jpg

very beautiful but super crowded.

 photo IMG_5555_zpsei06lkjx.jpg

For lunch we went to Single Fin Cafe at Blue point beach. After lunch we head to uluwatu temple cliff and then head back to town for shopping and dinner was cup noodles I guess. lol!

Day 3: 2 hours drive up to Mount Batur! Stopped by Bali Zoo to feed elephants. My gosh. I was so scared!!

 photo IMG_5556_zpsvbgshuup.jpg


 photo IMG_5558_zps8jep2pqa.jpg

 photo IMG_5559_zpsqg2lfj2o.jpg

feeding elephants with banana (with skin)

After that, we continue our journey up to the mountain.

 photo IMG_1936_zpsyhku0p9v.jpg

Had lunch at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant. We were still using my gopro. I’ve sold it and gonna buy a DRONE next! HAHAHA. :X The food is alright here. It’s cheap by the way, buffet but only $11 or $12 per person! photo IMG_2850_zpsllp7lfal.jpg

Next to Rice Field! I think you have to pay to walk down, I didn’t though. Should have done it the shot will be amazing!!! But this is a tourist spot I guess, lots of people there.

 photo IMG_1935_zpszouo74fe.jpg

Oh did I talk about my outfit? Lol my top is from fashmob and shorts from thewillowlabel.

Day 4 last day! Morning went to Tanah Lot then lunch at Bale Udang Kuta, authentic indonesian food but super affordable! Super nice too!! If you ever go to bali you must visit Bale Udang!!

 photo IMG_1998_zps0m0uyi5c.jpg

wearing trapeze dress from Neonmello!

if you’re wondering why there’s nobody here. Well..

 photo IMG_2849_zpslajjjxsw.jpg

Lunch! Very beautiful place! Sitting in a gazebo and enjoying good food! I miss the food here!

 photo IMG_2006_zpslwvlgutm.jpg

Had Ayam Penyet, Gado Gado and Soto Ayam!

Last stop at Krisna oleh oleh khas bali (KRISNA) where we shop for souvenirs and food!

 photo IMG_5557_zpseongtbpo.jpg

And finally the airport!

I will be travelling to Bali in a few hours again and this is also my last trip for 2016 because I have no more leaves for the year! 🙁

But anyway it’s finally time to rest and catch up on work and blog. Coming up next is my Penang trip in January, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour in Feb, Perth in May and most probably Siem Reap in April. 🙂

Till the next people! 😀
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