Channel 8 9pm drama: CLIF 4 警徽天职4 FINALLY!

AIYO!!! I haven’t been watching Channel 8 because I was addicted to stranger things on Netflix. Oh by the way if you have Netflix then please please please watch ‘stranger things!!!’ It is so good I can’t wait for season 2! I think the monthly subscription is about $13-15? Very worth it in my opinion, there’re so many good shows there!

Anyway today I’m not supposed to talk about Netflix. I’m supposed to talk about CLIF 4!! Finally CLIF 4 is airing now! I am 2days late but never mind at least I’m watching now right? 😀

I am very surprised to see Yusuke Fukuchi on the show! He looked so good with short hair by the way! Even my grandma commented that he has become handsome after the haircut LOL.

Elvin Ng is on the show too and I realized that in his recent few dramas, he’s no longer acting as a good guy. He’s either the bad guy or the annoying guy LOL. but still attractive of course. I love when he acted in the shi nian ni hai hao ma show, he’s so good in that role please!

For now I only know Elvin Ng is Sora Ma’s boyfriend and Terence Cao is Sora Ma’s ex boyfriend. I want to know more about what happened between her and terence and what happened between terence and Chen tian wen.

Zhang yao dong is Chen Tian wen’s nephew and I think he will find out more about his uncle’s secrets soon.

Too excited and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!! Will update again!

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