Flat white

Im almost cafe hopping but not. Im just looking for good flat white. 




Strangers reunion. (Btw the truffle fries go really well with the dipping sauce) 

Between this 2, I personally prefer Nylon’s one because its much more consistent (probably its always made by the same person) and that its not too.. Milky? Do u know I dislike milk so if I have too much coffee in a day I would actually feel nauseous. Lol! 

I’ll continue to try from different places and see if I can find any that can beat Nylon’s. 

I wonder if coffee makes people fat. I guess it depends on what kind of coffee you drink. I’m gaining weight and its scaring me. :/

Its like my effort for the last few years have gone to waste and im losing that sense of control. Arghhhhhh.. Hate that I have no time to workout. I feel so unhealthy and meaty. Zzz. 

Counting down …