My wedding plans are cancelled because…

I’ve been thinking how to write this and I still don’t know how to put it in words.
I thought I should write it out because we’ve been so excited planning our wedding, finding venues, looking for vendors etc…
And I know some of you are very happy for me tooo!

As you know, my initial plan was to get married next year July, 2014. But now I’m pushing it to “I don’t know when.”
Don’t get worried or anything because it has nothing to do with US, no one cheated or whatsoever. But maybe the problem lies with me. LOL cos I want to go back to school.

I didn’t apply for local uni because I just want to let it go and just focused on working and saving money. I thought I could just let it go, and start taking my degree a few years later. After I’m more stable and so on..
But every once in awhile, I think about books, I think about studying, I think about doing projects and even the stress. I start to realize that I want to study not because I want my pay to be higher, ok la maybe a minority part of it, but I realized I really love studying. I like to learn new things and I want to never stop learning.

I love to see my grades after a hard time of studying and revising, I love the feeling when I know I need to work harder or when my hardwork is paid off.
I just love studying!!!

I’m sure there are people liked me who love studying?? LOL.

But the purpose of this post is to talked about how understanding my BF is.
From the day I graduate from Poly, I have been telling him I want to study, he didn’t make much comments cos we have to save for wedding and our flat which will be ready in 2015 or maybe even earlier!

We agreed to save a sum of money every month, and I told him I will save extra for school. I really squeezed every cents into my savings account, counting every cents and every dollar because I really want to go to school. To be honest, if can, I really hope to get a Masters after a degree and maybe more I don’t know. I hate spending money, but I dun mind spending my money on school.

And the result of saving like mad every month? I can finally take my degreee!!! I also need to thank God for the exemption if not I will need to pay like a dog. (and I can even fly to Japan today!)

When I broke the news to him saying I’m going to take my degree, I expect him to bird me or something, but once again, he supports me. He is willing to push back our wedding plans, to do a simple ROM or anything just to let me go to school.

a3 photo IMG_20131017_192550_zpse4863306.jpg
love u be

I’m really thankful for my boyfriend. Recently our mood are quite mad, because he’s starting on some medications and I’m already feeling some stress, from work and the coming school stuffs. I don’t know but recently I feel quite demoralized and unstable.

But I really want to do alot of thanking, for having this current job, if not for this job, I don’t think I can travel to Japan (for the first time in my life) and can take up my degree, at the same time saving for HDB and wedding.
I also wanna thank you all, for reading my blog, for wanting to read my posts on weightloss and product reviews and all sorts of nonsense I wrote here. You played a big part of my life tooo! If not for you, I don’t think I’m still a blogger now, and it’s something I liked and can earn from.

I’m going to be mad busy, juggling with a full time job, part time blogging and part time studying, plus being a full time GF. That’s why I’m really thankful for my BF to support me even though my time with him will be lesser.

God bless me to stay strong for the coming 2years.
So anyway I will be flying to Japan today!! So excited!!! I really will try to blog on the go so do come back!!

10 thoughts on “My wedding plans are cancelled because…

  1. Hold on to him tight! Seems like he is a great understanding guy.

    On the topic of education, a degree is important to get much higher pay as your career progress (unless you are thinking of doing sales, then a degree might not be that useful).

    Anyway, try not to get a masters too young. You will be overqualified and too inexperienced, and people will be quite reluctant to hire you. A masters will be about right when you are more than 30 years old, working in an MNC or organisation that values your masters, managing people/team already.

    Because masters are mainly for networking, and of course learning new theoretical stuffs.

    Learning can also take place on the internet =),, and a few other online sites have great educational tutorials from industry experts and university profs

    1. Thank you keith! Your comment was so unexpected hahhaa.

      That was a great advice for the masters part!! and I will check out the sites that you recommend. 🙂

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