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With all the K-craze now, it’s no wonder that MFP got influenced tooo! Noticed how our articles are mostly K-related recently? We always like to follow the latest trend and here you go! MFP have gone Korean! ;D

A few K-related articles that I would like to share. I admit that I’m influenced by the K’s too! If not I dun think I will shave away my eye brow arch! \m/


Have you see our gorgeous Chanel’s review of the new CC-cream from Faceshop?
The CC Cream with its added ingredients hydrates, conceals and nourishes the skin. Its anti-ageing formula and ability to neutralise annoying redness, dullness and discoloration is an attractive feature that makes the cream a must-have.

article9 photo mfphw_korea_howtos_reviews_5_zps50446033.jpg


article4 photo bloody-type-mental_zps67b4b512.jpg

Mine is: leaders, easygoing, friendly, outgoing.
Go check out what’s yours!!


article7 photo insadong_restaurant_chilkamsan_zps42e90f09.jpg

Omgosh, thank god I read about this. I think I’m the typical type who raised my hand after eating in a restaurant. HAHAHA.
If you’re going to Korea soon you better click the link!


article2 photo 130627114941-hotel-dessert-wars-7-story-top_zps9f04de9c.jpg

Wow, this is dessert? I tot’s it’s rice.

article12 photo yodi-full-gospel_zpsbd7d610a.jpg

You also get to go to the largest church in the world!

and maybe try to stay in a Korean Traditional House? I would like to stay inside!
Check out 7other things like kimchi museum? hahaha. Go to the link above!article10 photo MyFatPocket_Korea-Gyeongju-Sarangchae-02-682x454_zpsb1a622d7.jpg


Why is Lee Hyori so pretty and sexy!!! urgggghhhhh!

article1 photo 2-8_zps7edf3cd3.png


article6 photo Image_1-2_zps9e360fee.jpg

Love the 2nd dress up! And I love their clothes toooo!


Then you will get to learn how to make Kimchi and Porkstew!!!
article5 photo CookingClassesinSeoul_zps10d7216e.jpg


Okay plastic surgery, korea how can not touch on Plastic surgery?? I wanna do my nose leh!! Btw i think the smile looked kind of pleasant on her?


article3 photo ANewPlasticSurgeryTrendinSouthKoreaputsaConstantSmileonPatientrsquosFace-3_zps8972d78d.jpg


article11 photo somangbloggersevent-6_zpsdaf70490.jpg

And then sell myself abit. You can spot me in the video HAHAHA. I am posting my review of the midnight cream tomorrow! 🙂


article8 photo MFP_FashionSpotting_201309-01_zps42f1074a.jpg

Love her cape! I got this recent craze for cape! Really can’t stand why Koreans dress so nice. argh! hahaha. okay I hope you have a good friday!
Finally my weekend is here again hope my stomach gets better toooooo!

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