Mylife – Korean BBQ BUFFET! & 938live!

finally – the last exam of my poly years on Monday.

After that I’m going for internship, and now i sort of missed the school life. :/ omg human beings are so contradicting.
when you work, you want to go back to school, when you’re in school, you want to go to work. -.- (nvm im gonna survive this 16weeks, and after that january =)=) i got some plans after that)

I’m going for Fall In Love Wedding Workshop 2012 by Purple Sage later, and i think it would be so fun! haha, btw it’s not sponsored hor.. yes, wedding workshop BUT not getting married yet.

So I know I havent been updating on my life yet, nothing much, all about exams, but I went for Buffet after my exam last tuesday! at Novena!

allow me to post a camwhore pic of myself first, taken in the cab cos i was late for UT -.-


kay, now this is the place. I paid $14++ for the lunch buffet.

SSIKKEK BBQ, 2D1N, it’s at Novena Ville

It’s within walking distance to Novena Sq. you can google map it since technology is so advanced now. heh

we reached there pretty early like before 11am.

cannot go in yet, so we gotta stay outside and wait.

hahha maybe we are so hungry that, once we settled down, we chiong to the food area and grab the MEATS.

fatty pork! lol. fyi, I don’t eat pork already.

erm maybe i should clarify, i don’t eat pork not because it’s fat or whatsoever, it’s just that i got sick of the taste after eating pork for many days!

lol eating with them was so funny man, we were laughing loudly inside.

after that we went to novena sq and walk to digest our sinful food, HAHA. super full. all become crazy.

and sheron treated us to baskin robbins hehehe =) thank u sheron! <3

and that was tuesday, i really like catching up with my friends 😀

so next would be thursday?

i went for blood test and it’s normal! I was super lazy and sleepy that day and I just wore shorts down to town! LOL. i hope nobody saw me.

1Q84 is an awesome book!!!

i was too early so decided to go home and come out again as I got this appointment at mediacorp! haha, I didn’t blog about it before, i know im gonna be nervous so i dun wan u guys to hear my shaky voice. :X

after 11th, my teeth would be better, currently it had to be pushed out, no choice =/

my friends told me that the first year of braces would be ugly, so i shall just bear with it. I’d only wore it for 3mths plus T.T

live radio interview

I appeared on yahoo!, on shin min, and also radio. i never thought that this would happen when i was 14yrs old.
nic told me that being fat was a blessing in disguise, but given a choice, i would rather not be fat in the first place.

Angela Lim from 938 LIVE she’s so nice, so friendly and so HOT. omg i hope u see this!

Hi, im back to center part again, blame my hair. but i still love the curls =) formspring questions will be replied soon okay? so sorry for the delay, and anyhow YES. I KNOW WEIGHTLOSS POST, I WILL BLOG SOON. SORRY!

mr simon just got me a new camera yesterday, me can’t wait to see and use it later! thank u bebe! i will also blog about the wedding workshop <3