[Simone’s] Ridiculous Taxi Fare Hikes!

Recently there are news on taxi fare hikes in Singapore. ComfortDelGro, the largest taxi company in Singapore announced their new taxi fare adjustments to be implemented on 12 December 2011. With all the festive shoppings going on, this is the best time to do a price adjustment to cash in on ladies carrying multiple bags of their Christmas shoppings who don’t have cars.

Well I can’t exactly say I am against the idea, as someone who seldom take taxis. I have mixed feelings over this issue. On one hand I think the vampires are out again to suck on us, but on the other hand I think the taxi drivers might need a pay raise especially when the fossil fuels are running out of fossils, or fuels, whatever, I talk crap. Even diesel cost are rising…

Then again, I do agree with what Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) executive director Seah Seng Choon said, that ‘the fare increase is quite hefty‘ When I first heard about the increase, I kind of shrugged it off. I thought ‘Aiyah how bad can this be? The drivers also need to earn their keep, nevermind lah I pay loh.’

So when my colleague mentioned about it at work I didn’t pay attention, when I was chatting with my girl and we randomly stumbled upon this topic we did not go through all the details. Till today when I meet my girl for the weekend and she told me her friends were discussing about it and she overheard the peak hour extended to midnight. I was a bit doubtful because I refused to believe that the taxi companies will make such a BIG adjustment (see below).

Revised Flag Down – 1st km
$3.00 (Crown); $3.20 (Sonata)
$3.40 (Camry); $3.90 (Limousine)
1km to 10km: $0.22 for every 400m
Above 10km: $0.22 for every 350m
Waiting time: $0.22 for every 45sec

Revised Peak Period Surcharge
25% of metered fare
Mon-Fri: 6.00am-9.30am (not applicable on public holidays)
Mon-Sun and Public Holidays: 6.00pm-Midnight

Revised City Area Surcharge
Mon-Sun and Public Holidays: 5.00pm-Midnight

Revised Call Booking Fees
Current Booking
Peak Period: $3.30
Mon-Fri: 6.00am-9.30am (not applicable on public holidays)
Mon-Sun and Public Holidays: 6.00pm-Midnight

Current Booking
All other times: $2.30

Advance Booking: $8.00

Revised Limousine Taxi Booking Fees
Current Booking: $10.00
Advance Booking: $18.00

Revised Public Holiday Surcharge

(Information from Channel News Asia)

I would not have mind if they do small adjustments every year. But the adjustments are a bit drastic in my opinion. I would avoid taking a cab once the clock strikes 6pm and will only consider taking one after 9.30am the next morning. Having said this I think if everyone thinks like me, it will defeat the purpose of such an adjustment ComfortDelGro claimed: To help our taxi drivers cope with rising operation costs. Besides, who knows when these taxi companies will raise the taxi rental fees? So are we victims of someone else’s greed?

and just like how everyone in the net are saying..


The above might be the reason why we need to pay so much more lo….