[Movie/Novel Review] One Day


Caught One Day 2weeks ago..
Was really excited about this movie as I alrdy read the book and think that it’s really GOOD!
Sadness overwhelmed me and my bf when we finished the book, we liked the book so much that we cant believe we had alrdy finished reading it. haha..

Anyway, the leads are Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess

Beautiful lady and Hot guy hahaha perfect roles for this.


Sorry that the pictures are small as I got it from google.

charming not? HAHA

So how was the movie?

I rate it 3/5.

Book was great but movie was only so-so.It did follow some parts of the book but the movie just doesn’t relate in someway or another.If you never read the book, I think you probably won’t unds what the whole movie is about.
Saddest part is when ‘Emma’ dies which was really very sad. (and yes emma is Anne Hathaway)

If you are a really good boyfriend, you probably can feel the sadness..
Abit disappointed although I alrdy know it might not be good, lol.
Still I enjoyed myself cos i watched it with my boyfriend and with the company of good food :p

Anyway, I really recommend the novel, it’s quite sometime i got obsessed with a novel!
It’s one of the few books that I will continue reading without stopping.

Read the book to see how they finally got together and eventually one leaving the other, that’s really sad 🙁 quite negative in this case, but in real life, sometimes things are just destined to be.

I was tumblring today and saw this photo..

just thought it was very sweet 😉

So, Do you believe in everlasting love?

that’s why i prefer novel than movies..