I’ll be fine

i purposely nv photoshop my eyebags, cos dunno leh like look nicer HAHAHHAA.
mr bean icecream
sweetie brought me to singapore flyer! virgin experience!

Ive got an appointment at TTSH tomorrow.
been feeling rather unwell lately.

But I’m positive 🙂 and i feel like doing a make up tutorial.. mmmm…
OH YA! LIESE BUBBLE HAIR DYE HAS NEW COLOR NOW, BLACK TEA BROWN, ANTIQUE ROSE AND ALSO NATURAL BLACK! maybe there’s more 😀 im thinking of dyeing antique rose!!!

2 thoughts on “I’ll be fine

  1. i also wanna try the new colors! but new colors dun come with the cute cape =( new colors is said to be able to cover gray hair haha i wanna cover my bleached highlights!

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