Remember the last time I tried MILK tea brown? I love it!

But women are hard to please, because although I love this color, I wish that it could look ashy. I’ve always wanted my hair color to look ashy. So, lately I was considering if I should dye platinum beige, and just when I was about to purchase it I received this package from KAO.

hehehe so happy!

I will never forsake LIESE for other brand because LIESE is just so fabulous and special!

Why do I say so?

Because it is the easiest HAIR DYE you can ever get!


Yes! With this new innovative format created, All you need to do is just massage the foam into your hair, and no sectioning is required! The foam can also reach the back of your head! So easy right!?
Not only will you achieve beautiful and evenly colored hair, you can also save up on your time and money!

It’s also a permanent color that can last for a few months, it’s very safe and gentle to your scalp so there’s no need to worry about it being harmful. 😀

I’m not going to rave on, I’m just gonna show you how amazing it is 😀

Let me show you the before of my hair:

current hair color: milk tea brown, hair in bad condition

Let’s take a look at the interior of the package~

Gloves, solution, conditioner and etc.

1st step:

Pour solution 1 into solution 2 & cap it with the pump

Next, shake it up and down GENTLY and slowly approx 5times!
After that wear your cape and gloves, then SQUEEZE!



apply on your hair, apply.. apply.. apply.. lalala~

when the solution is finishing, you will see your hair like this!

yes, just like *shampooing* my hair in my room!


Let’s wait for about 20-30 minutes!
Before we see the end result, let me introduce you the 12 different colors LIESE HAS!



I love how they categorize their colors! now im thinking which color should i try next! 😛
what about you guys? 🙂

By the way if you guys are still confused after reading their instruction booklet, don’t worry becos they have a online video tutorial as well! Click here!

Or having dozens of questions and answers? You could go to their website to check out more on their FAQ!

So how’s my end product like?
To be honest, the color does resemble my milk tea brown, but it has a tinge of ash which I like!

And my hair condition becomes better as I used the Nourishing Hair Lotion that was provided, it’s fabulous! Also this new color is *shinier* 😛 which reflects light better!

see the bottom end there, like greenish right?

You know the color of YOUR hair can actually change how you look? Come, let’s go and try LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR!
They are currently having a promotion, with every purchase of LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOR, you will get a FREE Coloring Cape!

*Only available at Watsons, Guardian & SASA* While stocks last!

The cape is very important okay, remember the last time I dyed my hair, Simon got to DIY a cape for me, but this time round, when I saw that the hair dye comes with a cape, I was really thrilled! I can just bubble without worrying that the foam will stain my clothes and the floor! Also, The cape is very pretty with cute prints!

Very fun and easy right! So hurry up! Go and buy 1 now and BUBBLE yourself! 😀


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