IM SORRY PEOPLE. i know i haven upload the reunion at simontey’s house and the cny poker night. hahaha xD soon okay?

this was on 5th february. i met him and he bought me this because i was in a bad mood carrying all the heavy stuffs. I SWEAR I MUST GET A CAR.

finally a proper meal at ion. most of the shop closed. so settle for subway sandwich.

and went back to his place, changed and going to head out to will’s place.

HEHHEH. cheeky

we went for prata btw, pictures not with me, will upload soon 🙁 AND THIS I HATE IT. at about 4am midnight i went to changi general hospital 🙁

i dunno what happened that day but i know my stomach was hurting, and i realised it was actually my appendix. i fell asleep actually and woke up, but realised the pain was even intense, so be brought me to hospital. thank god, doctor said it might not be appendicitis. maybe its just ovulation. well hopefully *fingers crossed* thanks to the concern and care from my friends, love u all so much <3

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