was awake at 7+ this morning, had my peanut butter sandwich and start to work, in the afternoon had a short nap until 3pm. alarm was 2pm :x, i continue to sleep cos i was tired, tbh im still sleepy now, i wonder whyy. :/ which is a good thing i guess.

went to the library after the nap, prepare for 45mins to an hr i think. -.- borrowed one book and one recipe book 😀 sexcited yoooo! after that went to watsons for blusher, but in the end didnt buy, was lazy to queue, and i thought CF had alrdy reached. (fyi, it was sucha impromptu decision to meet up with her, just nice she’s coming back and im at np haha). BUT we did not meet eventually, i was frustrated cos i thought what happened, how come suddenly she MIA. i thought she fainted or something. but actually she was held up by a call from her lecturer. lol okay damn im cool with it (; meet up some other time and come my hse for baking session! (:

did not thread my eyebrow also -.- decided to thread next week before phuket trip LOL, thinking of the rooftop gdn i damn happy sial! hahaha! bought a breakfast for tomorrow. fuck yea. it was frigging 7bucks! GRRRRRRRRR the cost of threading. !@#$%^&* i will up load the picture when i eat it tomorrow. gonna work now. tata! feel sian also cos of work. mmmmmmmm

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