wake up in the morning mumbling, ‘probability’ & ‘critical value’. WTF !@#$%^&
hope monday’s exam will be easy, i mean that i know how to do la.. : hais. can everything be over soon im going mad liao la..

after exam, interview and dye hair! gonna work really hard and save money
be really thanks that i dont need to fork out a single cent for our trip, but i really hope one day, be it japan or paris or wherever, i will be using my own money. that’s me.

im too used to being independent, that i feel ashamed whenever i have to take money from anyone, unless im really penniless, if not i wont ever reach out my hand. i know ive got no income now, but im going to work real hard for it. im not like jerks outside who just need to reach out their hand and take money. how old already?

guess what, the amount of chocolates i ate yesterday. and breakfast today was chocolatey cookie crisp! crap!

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