happy birdday!

4th June – Be’s birthday
met up with cf the day before to shop for ingredients, the most essential one – ladyfinger. NOT THE VEGETABLE OKAYYY is the italian biscuit. back to yishun, and i realise that ive wasted my trip to orchard. TSK!!! nvm, i bought a mango top (; (i am supp to save $, zzz)

cf came to my place, with her help we managed to carry everything home, and looking like 2 obasans!
KIM HYUN JOONG – is that how u spelled it?
i started my TIRAMISU journey @ 10+pm, cf helped me with minor things like sorting sugar, brewing the instant coffee, i was sweating like mad and she was taking pictures of me, LOL. i’ll get the pics from her and i’ll upload soon.

that mad night nearly screwed me cos i feel very emo, and i decided to stay awake until 4+ to taste the tiramisu and to my horror, it taste terrible, not to that extent laaa, but not top notch taste. that 2 nights werent good for me, i cant sleep cos i kept thinking of what i should do to make it as surprising for him as possible, LOL and visualising the scenery of MT FABER. etc etc..  : during the night i did a card for the first time and due to our pictures were still at his place, i can only use a kinda old pic – -.- btw, the tiramisu now taste better! im happy! HAHAHA. and i decorate the cake when i wake up that day. as i tried it before, i replace the ugly area with 4 ladyfingers and deco it. lucky! i was thinking of designs but no ingredients alrdy. zzz..

so on that actual day, be knock off @ 4pm, and i got no choice but to ask him to come over to my place, BECAUSE TIRAMISU HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED MY GOD! so he came over, i handed him the card first, before he reached, i was thinking how should i give him the cake without him even knowing what I’ve been doing, cos somehow he knew that im baking lor… i asked him to go into my room, (b4 that i asked ahma to lend me the room first cos she was lying inside), and den i gave him the card, next i bluff him saying that i couldn’t bake the cake, cos it tasted like SHIT and i had threw it away, LOL. he gimme a sian look. So after seeing this, i told him, u wait ah, i go take my bag…….

worried that he might come out any minute, i light the candle and damn it, i passed by the fan and it diminished, zzz… i was so ganjiong, i walked nearer to the room and light it, phew.. so i opened the door and sing him the first A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG! lol damn malu! i paiseh sia HAHAHA..

i wanted to bring him to MT FABER and i already reserved our seats, and i reallyx3 wanna go there but he cannot make it cos the next day he got work, and he said it last minute! damn sian. so we went to clarke quay instead, sun with moon! HOW CAN SUN BE WITH THE MOON VISUALLY?! lol! i want mt faber 🙁

pictures to be uploaded. BE UPLOAD LEH! KAOZ. lol!!! kidding~

(i dunno why my pictures in my new toopid phone, cannot be transferred to my lappy, SIBEI SIAN! and school starting soon suckkkkkkssss.)

side note; thanks CF, starbucks when!

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