What did I apply for my 4hrs flight? (Simple)

As you can see from my photos (from my hk day 1), I didn’t apply much actually, I only put and draw on the essentials, contact lens, eyebrow and lipbalm.

So basically I just,

1st: Neutrogena Toner
2nd: Biotherm Skinergetic
3rd: Biotherm Aquasource moisturizer
4th: Maybelline’s BB cream
5th: Maybelline’s mineral compact powder
6th: Cocoa’s butter lipbalm

I was extremely tired that day, and so I just did a simple make up, if you think it’s too plain, you can put on hair accessories to emphasize your face , like me, I purposely wear a beanie so I would look cuter. HAHAHA!

Thats about it 😀

ps: need to write up a health/body related post sooon 🙂

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