sorry, i got this from google image. no plagiarism here.

spotted spelling mistake for a blog post title, obsessions not obessions -.-!

PHUKET IM COMING FOR YOU ALREADY! but why bad things are happening? dont like that lehhhhh!
hope everything will be settled soon! by next week, best by tomorrow or the day after! <3 bless u my dearest BE.

as promised,

what should i bring there leh!?
toner, moisturizer, cotton pad
make up – bb cream and foundation especially. i dont use concealer ^^
perfume bring or not? need to transfer to a small bottle leh, so mafan. -.-
shampoo, need to trsf also.
SUNSCREENS! buy there or bring there?
i decided to bring 2sets of clothings only, and buy sundress over there. 4sets of lingerie, hais. troublesome right, bra occupy alot of space leh. -.-
swimming costume, cannot forget.
supplement! primrose and one a day.
sun hat, sunglasses. holga!
thats about it, right? 0.0

*got a new workout again, nice! i will reveal my weight once its stable, im worried that it will bounce back soon. sian…

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