honeydew soymilk
tuna wholemeal sandwich

rice with 2vegs and 1 meat

bachor mee, sugarcane with lemon, roti john. sinful week -.-

side notes

In small quantities, the following benefits can result from alcohol:
– It decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems
– Decreases the possibility of lethal heart attack
– Sometimes, alcohol reduces the possibility of ischemic or other kind of strokes
– Diminishes the possibility of gallstone
– It may reduce the diabetes danger

In large quantities, or in excess, the consequences may be terrible:
– The pancreas, the mouth, pharynx, esophageal, breast & liver are more likely to be affected by cancer
– Pancreatitis may appear, especially in youth
– Stroke
– Atrophy of the brain
– Cirrhosis
– Pregnancy problems, like spontaneous abortion
– Possible malformations & other birth problems of the fetus
– Car accidents
– Suicidal tendencies
– Sudden death in case of cardiovascular problems
– Cardiophaty generated by alcohol


im those who consume them in large quantities, so i decided to forgo it once and for good. the best part of all is that the moment i smell ALCOHOL now, i feel nauseous. !@#$%^&*()

i can die for fashion now! ZOMIGOD

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